Wheelchair Ambulance Services New Jersey

Wheelchair Assistance NJ

Care and comfort do not have to be compromised by individuals confined to traveling in a wheelchair. Whether you are traveling to and from a doctor’s appointment, dialysis treatment, radiation therapy, an outpatient procedure, or even a family function, Alert Ambulance Service provides courteous attendants, certified mobility assistance vehicle operators and specially equipped wheelchair coach vehicles for your transportation needs. Our family-run company has been New Jersey’s most professional and curious medical transportation specialists for over four decades, and we are well equipped to handle wheelchair transportation needs of any form and variety. There is a very good reason why we continue to be New Jersey’s most reliable transportation specialists in all kinds of medical services.

Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operators

Our company works by strict non-discrimination principles, ensuring that the safety and security of our patients and employees are addressed and maintained regardless of sex, age, origin, race, ethnicity or disability. This extends to our wheelchair transportation services and the equipment our company keeps on hand to service users of these vital medical devices. Our fleet of mobility assistance vehicles has hydraulic wheelchair lifts which safely transport riders into and out of the vans. Our transportation specialists are certified Mobility Assistance Vehicle Operators,who understand the needs of those traveling in wheelchairs and provide the utmost in care and understanding. With over 40 years of experience, we are experts in friendly and safe wheelchair transportation. Whether you are on your way to radiation therapy, dialysis treatment, or a routine check-up, our fully equipped wheelchair coach vehicles can drive you to and from your destination safely and in comfort. Our wheelchair transportation can even accommodate medical equipment for co-morbid conditions and can remain readily available for drop off and pick up from an outpatient procedure. After all, careful attention to the needs of the patient is the most important aspect of any medical service or procedure, whether it’s a single surgery or ongoing treatment.

Reliable Transportation Facilities

Your individual medical health is important, and when it comes to getting to vital appointments on time, you deserve nothing but completely comfortable travel in vehicles staffed by attentive, compassionate medical specialists, regardless of your overall level of ability and mobility. When you need emergency or non emergency medical services specially geared towards your needs as a wheelchair user, count on Alert Ambulance Services to provide reliable wheelchair transportation staffed by professional, certified mobility service operators. To learn more about how our transportation specialists can help you supplement your pre-existing 911 emergency medical services, simply contact us.

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