Ambulance Services

Alert Ambulance has a fleet of vehicles ready for ambulance services in New Jersey which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our objective is provide NJ ambulance services to our clients while providing the best possible medical transportation in New Jersey. We are committed to our clients and want to provide prompt and reliable ambulance services NJ with the highest level of care available.

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Wheelchair Services NJ

Care and comfort are two of the cornerstones of Alert Ambulance’s medical transportation services. We provide NJ wheelchair services to the highest level of comfort with the utmost level of care possible. We have provided New Jersey wheelchair services since 1972 by being the best service around.

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911 EMS Services NJ

We feel that the best way to provide local 911 EMS Services in NJ is to supply the community with local 911 coverage and mutual aid agreements with NJ towns. Alert’s goal is to work jointly with local NJ EMS organizations to provide these crucial 911 EMS services while allowing them to remain independent.

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Critical Care

Critical Care

Critical patients need critical care. When patient’s needs exceed their available resources, Alert Ambulance Service’s Specialty Care Transport Unit (SCTU) is called to service. An experienced group of licensed and credentialed critical care nurses provide patients with the highest levels of monitoring and care during these exceptional situations.

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Transportation Management Solutions

Let us focus on your Transportation Management needs, so you can focus on what really matters!

We can save you money and help improve patient satisfaction by: Decreasing staff time for scheduling and tracking transports, Ensuring the lowest most appropriate mode is ordered

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Ambulance EMT Services NJ

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