The Alert bed board system has been a huge asset to our admissions office. From the visual cues for isolations, to being able to access trip scheduling from the hospital, to having discharges highlight when they near their discharge date. It makes bed management much easier then the old magnet board!

Shannon Foley
Meridian Health

The online scheduling system offered by Alert Ambulance has been a huge success for both our long term and sub acute units! Instead of spending countless hours per day on hold scheduling with Logisticare our nurses can now make fast, efficient ambulance schedules online directly with Alert Ambulance. This frees up out nurses to concentrate on what really matters: resident care!

Jacqueline Thomson, Assistant Administrator, LNHA, MBA, CSW
Rose Garden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

I use Alert online scheduling and I absolutely love it! It is not only convenient and easy, but saves me a lot of time. As someone who is constantly on the phone, it is a pleasure to be able to utilize the computer to schedule transportation for my patients.

Caitlin Guttormsen, Unit Secretary
Meridian Nursing and Rehab, Ocean Grove - Manor by the Sea

I enjoy using Alert transportation scheduler on the computer it saves time and gives a quick response. Another great feature is that you can go back on the computer to review the trip schedule and to see if the transportation is on route for the patient appointment.

Nadine Campbell, Medical Records
Meridian Nursing and Rehab, Ocean Grove - Manor by the Sea

We have been very fortunate to be associated with Alert Ambulance as our preferred medical transport service. I have been using the Trip Viewer on-line transportation scheduler for several months. I Have been very happy with the ease of use and the reliability of the program. There is no comparison between Trip Viewer and Logisticare’s on-line service. I am so happy Alert Ambulance has included us in their product launch.

Thank you for the great support and professionalism you have continued to provide.

Erica Browning, Medical Records
Jersey Shore Convalescent Center

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the exceptional service that you are providing to our community. Through Statewide, we have drastically reduced the number of hours that were spent on the telephone coordinating appointments and transportation services for our residents. Your web based system has definitely increased our staff’s efficiency by allowing them to perform electronic scheduling and confirming of appointments. In addition, we love the fact that we can actually view the status of each transport and know if transportation is en-route or at the destination.
In the past I dealt with numerous calls each week from unhappy family members and residents who were at the mercy of whatever transport company would be assigned through Logisticare services. Residents were often late, missed appointments, or left waiting for hours for transportation. I must say that these calls are almost non-existent now. When I am notified of an issue it is investigated and expertly handled by the Statewide’s Customer Service representatives.
Thank you again for your service to our community. We forward to our continued partnership.

Cindy A Shemansky, MEd, RN BC, LNHA
The Masonic Home of New Jersey

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