Making the Decision to Outsource Your Ambulance Fleet Needs

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Some hospitals and 911 services choose to build their ambulance services to control how their patient transport and care proceeds. It is also often considered a cost-saving measure. However, managing one of these services can be extremely complicated and require a lot of time and money to keep running efficiently. That is why another option nowadays is to outsource their ambulance needs.

Things to Consider

There are numerous things to consider when choosing between running your ambulance fleet or choosing to outsource your needs for an ambulance in New Jersey. Considerations might include the local competitive landscape for ambulances, the demographics of the areas, and how important direct control is for the facility or service provider. Below we’ll go over a few things to consider while you make this essential decision.

Patient Care Expectations & Quality of Care

Some hospitals and medical services want their ambulance services, so that they can make decisions on the quality of care, staffing, and personnel. This is often true in situations where the hospital is offering bundled payment models. This can also be an important thing to think about for services that provide specialized transport or if it’s important to have control over the patient’s experience between facility transfers.

Investments in Building a Fleet

There are many costs regarding money, time, and effort when it comes to building an ambulance service for a healthcare facility or to handle 911 responses. This can make the option of outsourcing ambulance needs an easy one. Of course, you also need to consider the quality of available ambulance fleet in the area and how large of a fleet might be needed for your specific service or facility.

Rural or Urban Communities

An ambulance in New Jersey that is in a rural area has a longer transport time than those in an urban area. This can have a massive impact on the outcome of patients. There may also be fewer options in rural areas, making a hospital owned fleet a requirement. However, in urban areas, there are often multiple options and transport time is much lower, which makes the potential for hiring a fleet one that is both convenient and less time-consuming for the medical service.

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