Career Path

There are many opportunities for advancement within the Alert Ambulance family.

Many of our Management Team members were once out in field or started in the office and have moved their way up through the ranks.  Hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn has served many of our Team Members well throughout the years.

To become a(n) …

MAVO (Wheelchair Coach Driver) – Alert provides all the necessary training and education

EMT – you can use Alert’s Tuition Reimbursement Benefit to help with an EMT course available at different sites throughout New Jersey (Many MAVOs have taken the EMT Course and have become EMT Certified all while continuing to work at Alert as a MAVO)

SCT RN – you can use Alert’s Tuition Reimbursement Benefit to help with the college courses necessary to become a Registered Nurse (Alert has seen employees start as EMTs who went to college became Registered Nurses and have returned to us to work in the field as Specialty Care Transport RNs!)

Trainers and Instructors – MAVOs, EMTs, and SCTRNs all have the opportunity for advancement into our Education Department.  Alert provides all the necessary training to become an Instructor or Trainer.

Supervisors – EMTs and SCTRNs have the opportunity for advancement into our Management Team when Supervisor positions become available

Adam’s Story:

adam join our team

Adam Colaio is Alert Ambulance Services, Clinical Supervisor.  Adam started with Alert Ambulance as a Wheelchair Coach driver in 2004.  He worked hard and proved to be an asset to the company and moved on to become a MAV Field Trainer.  As time went on Adam decided that he would like to expand his knowledge and help people in a new way, so he utilized Alert’s Tuition reimbursement program to pay for an EMT course.  As an EMT Adam proved his worth to the company and provided care to our patients and exceptional service to our customers.  When the opportunity arose Adam applied for the position of EMT Field Trainer and then he took the necessary courses to become an Instructor as well.  Adam worked in the training department for many years before applying for the position of Clinical Supervisor.  Adam’s past experience, his dedication to a job well done, his willingness to learn new things all served him well and he was promoted to the position of Clinical Supervisor in 2014.

As you can see opportunities are available to Team Members who are motivated.  Why not start your career in healthcare here at Alert Ambulance!

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