Alert Ambulance is progressive in the fact it maintains an in house Information Technology Department. Keeping in house staff vs. total outsourcing provides for rapid response to computer related problems. This solution benefits the company in reducing cost due to prolonged down time, consulting fees, and relying on outside resources for repairs and infrastructure planning and upgrades.

Alert Ambulance is Proud to Partner with the Following Companies  in Meeting our Technology Goals and Vision

traumasoft IT Department alert ambulance


We are partnered with TraumaSoft, a complete software solution for EMS agencies, which combines technology with EMS insiders to deliver the world’s most complete EMS software. This solution has been integrated into the core of Alert Ambulance’s operation and is something that is used everyday to increase efficiency , reliability and achieve our mission. ” care for people.”

lytx it department alert ambulance

LyTx is a company allied with Alert Ambulance which ensures that our drivers act professionally and appropriately to every response. The LyTx vehicle camera solution provides accountability so that our passengers always feel safe.

insight mobile data it department alert ambulance

Insight Mobile Data uniquely provides Alert Ambulance with critical vehicle tracking data which ensures the safety of our drivers and our passengers. The Insight Mobile Data software allows the IT Department to have real-time data about the vehicles including: GPS positioning, speed, driving statistics, and route optimization.

Kodiak it department alert ambulance

Kodiak has been the leading provider of innovation in the telecommunication industry for over a decade. Alert Ambulance utilizes the Mission Critical Push-To-Talk solution which can be deployed over both commercial and private LTE networks to provide users with advanced functionalities.

proactive care it department alert ambulance provides WiFi mesh networking for care providers across the nation. Alert Ambulance is proud to partner with this digital networking company because keeps companies on the cutting edge of innovations with cloud computing technologies.

verizon it department alert ambulance

Verizon Wireless is the wireless internet and communications provider to Alert Ambulance. Our IT Department is proud to have them in our corner.

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