Does Health Insurance Cover the Cost of a Private Ambulance?

Alert Ambulance New Jersey

There are many reasons that a privatized ambulance service may be sent to someone who calls 911 or needs medical transportation. It could be that this is the only service available in the area. It could be that the doctor or hospital that the patient needs to go to is out of service, in which case a local government agency ambulance can’t go to that area. However, many patients wonder exactly what part of the ride their insurance will cover.

Standard Health Insurance and Medical Transportation

Most standard health insurance plans don’t include the cost of any kind of medical transportation, even emergency services. They may cover a small portion of a ride to the hospital, or they may cover varying percentages based on how far you had to be driven, what company was called to transport you and other factors.

The bottom line is that most average consumers will end up paying for a ride to the hospital themselves in some part.

Options for Saving on Medical Transportation

You can purchase supplemental insurance that covers the cost of medical transportation if you think you’ll need to take advantage of this service more often than most. It can be a good thing for a chronically ill person or an elderly person. However, be sure the check what the plan covers. Does it cover the use of any life support that occurs during the ride or just a flat rate for mileage? Does it cover the cost of air transport if you need immediate transportation to the nearest emergency services? All of these things can add up very fast.

What About Medicare Patients?

If you are on Medicare, you’ll be happy to know that at least some of your medical transportation costs are covered by the state. Medicare has been paying a portion of medical transportation costs since 2010, to help those who qualify for state aid cover the cost of this pricey service. However, it may be harder to get Medicare to approve the cost of a private medical transport if you have requested it yourself.

Alert Ambulance in New Jersey is a private company that outsources medical transportation for many reasons. In addition to offering transportation directly to people, we are also contracted to emergency services as well. If you are concerned about what you may have to pay for medical transportation, contact your insurance provider to ask what your policy says.

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