Different Types of EMS Services

EMS Services

At Alert Ambulance, one of the most frequently asked questions that we get is, “What are EMS Services?” Most people associate EMS services with emergency ambulance response to a critical health event, such as when paramedics arrive at the scene of an automobile accident or come to a home when a patient has had a severe health event like a heart attack. While those services are certainly under the umbrella of EMS services, they represent only a small portion of the types of services that New Jersey EMTs provide every day.

Are you planning a big event where you need to have an EMT on-hand? Our EMS Services include stand-by services, where we have an EMT-staffed ambulance available to handle any emergency healthcare needs. This can be for inherently dangerous events like sporting events or auto races, or simply to be cautious at large events, such as company picnics.

Alert Ambulance also provides mobility assistance vehicles for people confined to wheelchairs. We can handle transportation to medical appointments and non-medical appointments in wheelchair coach vehicles specifically tailored to meet patient needs.

Alert Ambulance works in partnership with local EMS Services, to provide 911 coverage for EMS services. Alert Ambulance can provide either primary or backup EMS coverage for municipalities, and also participates in mutual-aid agreements.

Ambulance services are also important for patient-transport between medical facilities. If a patient needs to move to a different facility, in-transit care and monitoring can be extremely important. Alert Ambulance Service’s Specialty Care Transport Unit offers critical care nurses that can monitor and care for patients being transported between healthcare facilities.

Of course, emergency services remain a critical part of Alert Ambulance’s EMS Services. We maintain a fleet of fully licensed ambulances, each staffed by two NJDOH certified Emergency Medical Technicians, which are available 24/7 to respond to emergency needs.

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