Critical & Specialty Care Services NJ

Critical & Specialty Care Services NJ

Critical patients need critical care. When a patient’s clinical need exceeds the available resources of the facility where they are located, Alert Ambulance Service’s Specialty Care Transport Unit (SCTU) is called to service. An experienced group of licensed and credentialed critical care nurses provide patients with the highest levels of monitoring and care during these exceptional situations.

Providing these services since 1999, Alert’s SCTU has safely transported critical care patients in New Jersey and throughout the Northeastern United States. Upon receiving a request at Alert’s Communication Center, the SCTU nurse contacts the sending facility nurse to discuss the patient’s condition and determine any special needs prior to transport. The Alert SCTU Team then responds with a staff of New Jersey State Certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and the SCTU Nurse.

Upon arrival at the sending facility, Alert’s SCTU staff collaborates with the medical and nursing staff to prepare the patient for transport. With the latest in critical care transport technology, the patient is placed in one of Alert’s dedicated Specialty Care Ambulances. These vehicles are designed and equipped with the monitoring, pharmaceutical, durable and disposable supplies needed to care for these patients during transport. At our destination, Alert’s SCTU staff provides a comprehensive report on the patient’s condition and response to the transport while transferring care to the receiving medical and nursing staff.

When your patient requires this level of medical and nursing intervention during transport, or to discuss the Alert SCTU Transport Team, please contact us at (800) 244-6923.

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