Leadership Team

Robert “Rob” Davis knows the ambulance business from the ground up. He began his career as an EMT with Alert Ambulance, where he worked on both emergent and non-emergent medical transports. After transitioning to a management position, Rob began applying the skills that would become critical when he became President, learning how to market and develop the business, while still keeping the primary focus on patient care during transports. His drive and determination was recognized in 1989, when he became President of Alert Ambulance Service, Inc. As President, Rob was able to guide Alert Ambulance’s growth, transforming it from a small two-ambulance family-owned business into a large corporation with over 100 vehicles. Rob’s focus on patient-care also led him to start related services. In 1994, he started the Statewide Medical Transportation, a network of 12 medical transportation companies in New Jersey that deals directly with insurance providers. In 1999, he drove the development of Alert Ambulance’s SCT program, so that Alert Ambulance was the first medical transportation company to have a licensed SCT program in the State of New Jersey. In 2005, Rob founded the Catalyst Insurance Company, LTD, a reinsurance company, and serves as its past president. In 2006, Rob began Statewide EMS Services, LLC as the billing company for Alert Ambulance. Rob’s consistent focus on streamlining and improving the patient-care process has helped him create one of the state’s most successful medical services business, and he is constantly on the look-out for new opportunities to improve patient care.

Like most of Alert Ambulance’s top leadership, Chief Operating Officer John Iazzetta began his career as an EMT.  After discovering his drive to improve patient care, John became a paramedic. After more than 10 years as a field provider, John was promoted to supervisor, manager, and administrator.  In 2011, Alert Ambulance was lucky to have John join as a member of the team, coming on as Director of Operations.  In 2016, John became the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, which is our fancy way of saying he is the guy in charge of the MAVT, BLS, SCT, Raritan Bay MICU/SCT, Communications, Fleet Services, and Business Development Divisions.  John is currently passionate about educating the ambulance industry on Medicare’s Prior Authorization for Routine Dialysis Transfer program.  He is a recognized industry expert in this area lecturing at multiple national conferences and conventions.  John’s enjoyment in providing patient care remains as he continues to work in the field as a paramedic during his free time.

Users of the financial information often get confused by reading the data, intimidated to an extent, even lost by the language used in the discussion.  However, Michael Husenica, Alert Ambulance’s Chief Financial Officer, who after ten years of public practice as a certified public accountant, understands communicating immediate and simple figures are a powerful tool to help a company achieve its goals, whether in regards to the Company’s bottom line, or the present and future cash flow.  Prior to becoming CFO, as Controller for Alert Ambulance, Michael identified key indicators which helped streamline the company’s economic performance, resulting in improved savings by focusing on areas in need of further improvement.  As Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Michael has continued to communicate to upper management, including the board members, to determine how best to use Alert Ambulance’s financial resources to grow the company while improving patient care and employee satisfaction.  

At Alert Ambulance Service, hard work, dedication, and commitment to patient care are highly valued, and Dawn Polo’s rise from an intake/communication/ and workers’ compensation coordinator to Vice President highlights both her incredible commitment to patient care and the company’s ability to recognize and promote high-quality workers.  Dawn began her career on the frontlines, overseeing the call intake department for the patients and handling workers’ compensation claims for the employees.  From there, she transitioned to the Director of Operations of Alert Ambulance’s Home Medical Services division, where she used her focus on patient care to improve home health care for patients throughout New Jersey.  Dawn never lost her other focus, which was employee care, and was happy to transition to an administrative assistant position that led to her working directly with the President and Corporate Administrator.  In this role, she worked on updating corporate policies, with an emphasis on continuous improvement of working conditions for Alert Ambulance employees.  This focus on human resources is one of the keys to Alert Ambulance’s success; happy employees provide better patient care.  In 2005, Dawn became the Director of Operations.  She had many official duties in that role: she directed the Management Teams of the Operations, Communications, Training, Fleet Maintenance, and specialty Care Transport Departments; liaisoned with client and facility administrative staff; ensured that we were compliant with all applicable rules and regulations; handled the budget; oversaw safety; and handled corporate compliance.  In 2011 as the company grew clinical oversight in Operations became a company driven focus.  The position of Director of Operations was appointed to John Iazzetta, whose experience as a paramedic, made him acutely qualified for the Director of Operations position,  and Dawn’s talents were focused specifically on Compliance, Risk, and Human Resources, as the new Director of Compliance and Risk.  Then in January of 2016 Dawn was promoted to the position of Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer.   However, her most important role in the company is an unofficial one; Dawn serves as our reminder that, as a health care provider, people are always the first priority.  

Like everyone at Alert Ambulance Service, Jack Trovato approaches his job from a patient-first perspective.  This comes as no surprise to anyone who knows Jack; in addition to his experience as a professional EMT, he has been a volunteer EMT since 1980 and currently volunteers with the Ocean Gate and Bayville First Aid Squads as well as being a member of the NJ EMS Task Force.  Jack came to Alert in 1988 where he started as a field EMT, while his job no longer requires him to transport patients; Jack uses his skills to improve patient care in a different way as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Alert Ambulance Service.  In a digital age, information technology governs almost every aspect of patient care, including transport, and Jack is the one responsible for driving it all. He and his team manage and develop the Information Technology Department, oversees daily IT operations, provides training on all new software and hardware, and handles the roll outs for implementing new systems from dispatch and GPS to billings and video surveillance.  He handles the IT with the goal of simplifying the process for team members, thereby improving patient care.

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