Alert Ambulance, through its closely held affiliation with Statewide EMS Services, LLC, maintains its own in house billing department. Many of our billing team members come to us from previous positions in the insurance and medical transportation industry making their experience a valuable addition to our company, and all of our billers are certified through NAAC (National Academy of Ambulance Compliance) as Certified Ambulance Coders (CAC).


Alert and Statewide team members are fully trained in HIPAA, Privacy and Security rules and regulations as well as Corporate Compliance.  They are well versed in CMS’s regulations and can assist patients, guarantors, and facility staff members in determining the appropriate payer for services rendered by Alert.


Alert accepts payment by Medicare, Medicaid, and multiple private insurance companies for covered services.  To determine if a service will be covered by your insurance you can contact our Customer Service Department at 800-244-6923 ext. 180, Monday – Friday from 8am – 4pm.

Contact the Billing Department

In the event that medical transportation is necessary for you or your loved one the trip will be billed to Medicare, Medicaid or a private insurance carrier when appropriate.

Please note:  Wheelchair transportation is never a covered benefit under Medicare guidelines or private insurance.  Therefore we will not automatically bill Medicare for wheelchair transports.  The cost of all wheelchair transports is the responsibility of the patient or responsible party. 

If you pay for your WHEELCHAIR transport prior to or within 5 business days of the transport date you will receive a 20% discount…to pay your bill call our Pre-Service Payment Representative at 800-244-6923 ext. 200 – Monday – Friday from 8am – 6pm

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