5 Steps to Becoming an EMT in New Jersey

After going through schooling, examinations, and a long application process, you can become an EMT in New Jersey by following the necessary steps to getting started. A career as an Emergency Medical Technician can be a highly rewarding experience, one that will place you in a competitive field doing valuable work to serve your New Jersey community.

Below are listed the five main steps to becoming an EMT in the state of New Jersey, as well as what you can do to get started with this rewarding career.

1. Meet the Prerequisites and Get Educated

There are several prerequisites for becoming an EMT. The first set of rules you need to be eligible for include:

  • Pass a legal background check
  • Be over the age of 18 to operate ambulances and equipment
  • Be over the age of 18 to go through basic education

After these prerequisites are met, an individual can apply for certification. Education includes at least 10 hours of hands-on experience in a hospital emergency environment or an approved EMT setting. Remember that there is an exam process to certify you as an EMT.

2. Get CPR Certified

All EMTs must pass basic CPR certification. They must know how to administer CPR and first aid to an individual who is in need. The certifications abide by the ARC, AHA, NJDH, and CPR guidelines.

3. Take the Exam

The examination process is simple, but candidates must become eligible to take the exam before they can begin. Typically, the certified examination board will confirm whether or not the individual has completed all training sessions as well as having had on-site experience.

You can take the NREMT exam three times before you must go through additional training to pass.

4. Start the Application Process

You can start the application process after you have completed the proper training and certified courses. Typically, the application process can be started online, and it takes a few weeks for the application to go through. Those who need to re-take courses must wait for application approval before beginning.

5. Renew Your EMT License

Once you have received your EMT license, know that it is only good for five years. Every five years, you will be asked to apply for license renewal. This can involve re-taking an exam or take a refresher course.

Alert Ambulance of Hackensack Meridian Health offers New Jersey EMT training for interested candidates. Those who apply will be able to go through the course with professionalism and quality. We can provide all of the necessary tools and resources to get started with this rewarding career.

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