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If you or someone you care about needs ambulance transportation, finding a dependable, experienced provider who’s able to offer a safe, expert service is vital. When you turn to us for private transportation, you’ll be using an established ambulance service where passenger comfort and well-being are always priorities. We are able to undertake both emergency and non-emergency transportation to and from the hospital or any other medical facility. Our competitive rates ensure excellent value-for-money on both local trips and those which are further afield. We use state-of-the-art vehicles and well-trained, compassionate staff to ensure your experience with us is a good one.

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Since 1972, Alert Ambulance Service has provided professional, prompt, expert emergency and non-emergency medical transportation. Services include BLS, Municipal 911, SCTU, MAV and more.

Critical Care Specialists

Critical patients need critical care. When the patient’s needs their special needs evaluated, Alert Ambulance Service’s Specialty Care Transport Unit (SCTU) is called to service.

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Since 1972, Alert Ambulance Service has provided professional, prompt, expert emergency and non-emergency medical transportation.

Convenient New Jersey Transportation Management Solutions

Our ambulance services are suitable for a wide variety of patients, including those who may require medical attention in route as well as those who simply need appropriate transport in a comfortable environment. The ambulance team is fully qualified and experienced in providing appropriate medical care during a trip, ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers at all times. We have a private wheelchair ambulance available at a reasonable cost, which enables wheelchair users to travel in a safe, dignified manner. People requiring our services can book our ambulance in advance for a scheduled trip, or, in an emergency, you can call us out for rapid, cost-effective medical transportation.

Our facility transportation management services are intended to streamline your logistics and medical transport arrangements, freeing your staff up for other priorities. We can work with you to ensure that the transportation you receive is always right for your patients, providing the right level of care without ending up with more expensive, sophisticated provision than you need. Our team can organize a reliable, cost-effective program of transportation that’s tailored to the needs of your individual facility. If you wish to cut costs without compromising on the quality of transport and care which your patients receive, our transportation management solutions could work really well for you.

In an emergency medical situation, fast access to an appropriate medical facility can literally be a life-saver. If you need dependable, rapid ambulance transportation in an emergency, we’re here to help. Our local 911 coverage provides a skilled, dependable first response service – just one call is all it takes for us to be on the way, ready to provide appropriate medical attention as well as facilitate fast transfer to a hospital. We have a 911 emergency ambulance on hand 24/7/365. Fully equipped with cutting-edge technology, we are able to treat patients and provide the emergency interventions necessary to keep them stable until they can receive treatment at a suitable medical facility.

Critical care services are a key part of what we provide – we recognize that, particularly for very ill or frail patients, care can’t be suspended during transportation. That’s why, in addition to carrying a full suite of advanced medical equipment and supplies, we also have a qualified and experienced nurses on every journey, ready to handle any interventions that are needed. We are used to transporting seriously ill patients and have the capability to do what’s necessary for their successful care during their time with us. If you or someone you care about is in a critical state and needs a compassionate, skilled ambulance transfer, we can help.

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Since 1972, Alert Ambulance Services has provided professional, prompt, expert emergency and non-emergency medical transportation for the hospital and nursing home communities, as well as municipal 911 and private clients. Whether your transportation destination is a medical facility, doctor’s office, treatment center, airport or family function, Alert Ambulance’s dedicated fleet of vehicles and staff will provide superior service.

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